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ohhhh_yeah's Journal

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Our thoughts are uneven and therefore misshapen.

You should join this community if any of the following apply:

1. You often have to stab yourself to death, because some crazy dude you had sex with implanted a marshmallow baby with toothpick legs into your body.

2. You agree that the Gospel Music Channel is the greatest thing ever and/or the Pope is an adorable little man.

3. It's a possibility that you could one day be this woman:

4. You say "bananna" more than any normal person should.

5. You hate this horrid bitch of a woman:

6. You know that there can be ONLY ONE.

7. You have a crack. This is a necessity. If you join and we find out that you do not, indeed, have a crack, you have automatically given us permission to bludgeon you with random objects.

8. You listen to evil devil music while watching children's programming and/or you've ever mistaken Squidworth for an octopus.

9. The below picture gives you the involuntary urge to scream, "Oh God, EGGS! EGGS! Oh, Mr. Egg Man!"

10. You appreciate the noble moose.

11. You understand the plot lines of H.R. Pufnstuf.

12. You watch bad porn with titles like Lick Me and Robocock.

13. You want to own a midget or adopt an old person.

14. You feel that buying a stuffed platypus and a living lobster are both worthwhile investments.

15. Pink flamingos are not tacky!

16. You ran. You ran so far away, but you couldn't get away.

17. You have an unhealthy obsession with the Kool-Aid man.

18. You apply to none of these things, but I think you're cool anyway.

What should you post, you ask?

Post anything. Funny conversations, narcissistic pictures of yourself, bad paintbrush drawings (or, you know, good ones), things pertaining to the Kool-Aid man, interesting stories, rants, movie ideas, quotes, the dream you had last night, random pictures from yahoo image search, inside jokes, tourettes-like explosions, what you had for breakfast, recovered childhood memories, your views on the meaning of life, reminders of what we're doing this weekend and announcements of any kind, a summary of the conversation you just had with Jesus...you get the point. Anything. Be random. Entertain yourself.

And what's the point?

Basically, I just wanted to be cool and make a community for me and my friends. Why not?

Any rules?

There's only one. Don't purposely use bad English. (ie. I went there 2day b/cuz I wuz bored n thought I wud.) It makes people have aneurysms. Multiple ones.


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